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Replacement parts for Semiconductor and Hi-tech equipment
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2nd Source Refurbish New OEM

The Spare Parts Department is a division of Kiedon International GmbH. We provide an after-market, integrated supply service for a variety of replacement parts, components, and materials for semiconductor and related high technology equipment. Our customers are equipment end-users located within Europe and our product range, typically directed to film processing technology, includes metal and non-metal chamber parts, heater blocks, ESC, susceptors, quartzware, bellows and more.


2nd Source

Refurbish New OEM

We have an large portfolio of generic (second sourced) replacement parts and components for a variety of semiconductor processing equipment. All parts are manufactured to 100% compatibility criteria, carry a 'meet or exceed' guarantee and offer cost-of-ownership advantages. We have a large reference data base which combined with the knowledge and experience of our supply partners allows us to provide guidance and advice regarding after market parts procurement.

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Refurbishment offers significant cost saving opportunities compared with new OEM parts replacement. In conjunction with our Principals, we offer a broad program covering a variety of components including chamber parts, susceptors, heater blocks, electro-static chucks, etc. Normally, the refurbishment strategy is comprehensive regeneration, to restore the part to it's original specification. The re-generation procedure may include engineering enhancements or working to customers' own specification.

About 2nd Source Refurbish


From time to time, we can supply a selection of new, unused, OEM parts. These parts have been previously supplied to end-user customers and due to equipment upgrades or reasons have become excess to their current production requirements and availabe for re-deployment. If you have excess inventory, please ask about our re-supply program.

Metal Heaters

A comprehensive portfolio of repair, refurbishment and replacement services for a wide range metal heater types used in pvd and cvd chambers. Refurbishment can return a used heater to as-new: (more . . .)

Ceramic Heaters

Refurbishment services for most ceramic heaters, including MCA products. The repair service can address electrode replacement and top surface regeneration, depending upon the nature of the failure.  (more . . .)

Electrostatic Chucks

Refurbishment of ESC's used for deposition, etch and implant. The progamme covers a broad range of anodised, ceramic coated and ceramic plate type devices with solutions for many failure modes. (more . . .)


Flow Controllers

Repair and recalibration service for most liquid and gas flow controllers. Also, TEOS injector repair is available. Upgrade and engineering solutions for certain discontinued parts are also available. (request . . .)

PVD Clamp Rings

From a manufacturing database in excess of 40 part numbers; high quality stainless steel and titanium clamp rings, that can be supplied as standard or customised to address various in-process issues. (more . . .)

WJ - APCVD parts

Comprehensive parts support including; N2, shields, toroidial orifice, INCONEL belts, uv-source lamps, and many other parts.  

(more . . .)


New - Portable Microscopy

DSL cameras, microscope lenses and LED illumination; making a highly portable integrated, hi-tech microscope solution, for use in scientific, aeronautical, forensic and many prfessional activities.  (details . . .).  

Liquid filtration

Manufactured under clean room controlled conditions. A full range of competitive, high quality liquid filtration systems. The product range includes filter cartridges, housings and filter bag systems. (request . . .)

PVD magnets

PVD magna-pack refurbishment, carries significant cost reduction compared to the cost of buying a new oem unit. Exchange parts are available from factory stock for quick delivery  (more . . .)


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