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Thank you for using "The Spare Parts Department .com". You may find the following notes helpful, while browsing our product listings. 

1. Using the product lists

Products are listed under the following headings:

'SPD Item Number'; our internal reference number;

'OEM Identifier'; the part number reference of the original manufacturer;

'Description'; brief description of the part.

2. Searching the product lists

To search product data base. Select an 'OEM' and then press 'Search', or select an 'OEM' and enter a part number of interest. Enter '*' in the part number field and then 'Search' to return to the list.  Note, illegal characters will be rejected.

3. Auto-enquiry

If you wish to receive further information regarding specific products, you can compile an 'Auto-enquiry' form. 'Click' on the SPD Item Number, and the part will be added to a response form. The number of items in the form is displayed in the panel to the left of this page. To view the form click 'View enquiry'. Please note that this function is only available if your Browser is set to accept session Cookies.

4. Assistance and comments

Should you encounter any difficulty or have comments regarding our website please let us know.

If you have any questions, or require further information regarding our products, services or company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Terms and conditions

Please note that all products supplied by our company are subject to our standard terms and conditions of business.