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Heater blocks

Components index

Heater pedestal

Heater blocks

Heater assemblies

Embedded element heaters

Ceramic heaters


Chucks & Susceptors

Materials index

Electro Static Chucks

CVD susceptor

C(P) chucks

Speed ESC

MCA heater/chuck


Metal parts

Modular units index

PVD clamp ring

Shower head / GDP

Welded Metal Bellows

200mm / 300mm parts

Refurb. & repair program


Non-metallic parts



Quartz products

Ceramic products


Silicon Carbide / Al nitride

Plastics (Teflon, Vespel . . .)

Speciality parts & services

Modular units index

Liquid filtration

Hybrid ceramic bearings, handlers

PVD magna-packs

Thin section bearings

CMP parts


WJ AP CVD parts


Transport belts

N2 shields



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