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The Spare Parts Department represents companies with specialist materials manufacturing experience for a wide variety of non-metallic parts, process chamber components and specialist application products. Many of the parts supplied incorporate specialist manufacturing techniques that have the potential to deliver an improved performance. Examples of available components include parts for Etching, CVD, PVD and Implant process systems as well as CMP rings and seals, and special application components and products, described below.

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High quality custom designed solid quartz components for single wafer process equipment manufactured under a quality system, intended to exceed customer specifications for material, geometry and finish. Raw materials are hi-pure fused quartz, clear and opaque, with purity traceable to the source, and with starting dimensions up to 1 m diagonal. Finishes include machining, grinding, mechanical and flame polishing and coating. Products include pedestals, rings, insulators, Liners, showerheads, view-ports, etc.

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Ceramic products

Manufactured from hi-purity Al2O3, parts are available for systems originally supplied by Applied materials, Novellus, Lam Research and Tokyo Electron. Sold around the world, into major and smaller Fab operations, there are over 350 parts available for etch, CVD, and PVD equipments; including 150mm, 200 and 300mm configurations. 

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Single crystal sapphire has a unique combination of physical, chemical and optical properties that make it an ideal material for use in a semiconductor process chamber environment. Our portfolio contains over 120 standard part numbers for a variety of semiconductor production equipments

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Silicon carbide / Al nitride

Specialist materials manufactured at one of our partner companies located in South East Asia, led by one of the regions leading materialsí scientist. Parts include standard and custom products ranging though semiconductor equipment parts [pictured; heater top plate], heat sinks, and speciality components such as amour plates. 

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Plastics components

Our supply partner specializes in engineering plastics and elastomer materials such as Vespel, PPS, PC, PTFE, PEEK, POM. Over a period of many years, they have developed and successfully applied their specialist knowledge to the fabrication of a wide variety of parts and components for advanced semiconductor production equipment. Special bonding and surface preparation techniques help to improve component lifetime. Each part is subject to thorough quality control procedures. Enquire for part number availability.

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