The Spare Parts Department
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The Spare Parts, a part of Kiedon International GmbH, is a business project dedicated to the supply of spare parts and materials to European high technology production environments such as the semiconductor and related industries. The SPD is a division of Kiedon International GmbH, a business solutions developer, providing innovative business services to clients and end user customers. We specialize in, but are not limited to, hi-technology products or products requiring delivery logistics for production critical applications. We are located in Dresden, Germany, within the TechnologyZentrumDresden complex, close to the city centre.  

Dresden is a very beautiful city, with a history of fine art and culture, together with scientific discovery. Through many centuries, the town has been a centre for research, scientific development and innovation. The city is home to three semiconductor houses equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing technology available today. 


Tel: +49 351 871 5153


Fax: +49 351 871 8154

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