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In today's competitive/cost-conscious production environment, equipment end users require close support, especially for system down situations. Despite the single market, it can still be difficult to supply all European locations from offshore facilities, especially in situations where days count. It is not unusual for goods to arrive, take time to clear customs and reach their final destination. To overcome such logitistics complexities end-users may request local stocking to support such eventuality. Often this means consignment stocking, with significant cost implications if needed at several different locations.  The founders of The Spare Parts Department .com have many years' experience in production critical supply chain management; from establishing a spare parts supply chain for an equipment manufacturer in 1994, which was able to support a 'one day' delivery program to the UK from the east coast of the USA to, more recently, providing on-call deliveries for a major materials manufacturer. 

In conjunction with our logistics partners, we can provide centralised European warehousing, and daily shipments to all European locations. We can oversee in-bound deliveries, just-in-time customs clearance and onward shipping to provide on-time customer delivery. Our system also supports lot number tracking if product 'tracing' is required. We can manage product stocking and supply chain management through to local consignment stocks.

Ask us about our supply chain management experience. If you are looking to establish a program in Europe, we are ready to help; if you already have such a program installed then perhaps we can help you to improve customer support, and reduce cost. 


Tel: +49 351 871 8153


Fax: +49 351 871 8154

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