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Liquid filtration

A comprehensive range of highly competitive, high quality standard filtration solutions, including systems, consumables and accessories. The product range includes liquid filter cartridges, housing and liquid filter bags. All products are manufactured from selected materials, according to their intended use; under the highest Quality control standards. Factory accreditation includes iso 9001:2000, iso 14001:2004, CE mark, RoHS and NSF certifications. Applications data and specifications available upon request.

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Hybrid ceramic bearings

Upgrading the standard steel bearings used in robot handlers to ceramic type, provides for excellent cost-of ownership reduction opportunities. Performance improvements include shorter pump-down time and extended life time as compared to the standard steel bearings; including through-life performance. It is typically reported that standard bearings often need to be replaced prematurely due to increased particles, rather than the physical failure of the bearings. The ceramic counter parts run cleaner through-life.

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PVD magna-packs

The integral component of any PVD cathode, is itís magnetic. Due to the harsh operating environment the pack can degrade and will eventually result in poor performance; including difficulty striking plasma or resulting film uniformity. Replacement with a new original pack can be expensive. Our regeneration programme delivers high quality replacements at a significant cost saving over the original price.

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Thin section bearings

The correct running of thin section-type bearings is important to the proper operation of many semiconductor production equipments. Replacement of failed units can be very costly. An alternative option is to refurbish the failed parts back to as-new.

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