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PVD clamp ring

Clamp rings are used in many PVD systems. Previously, some end-users had requested design changes to improve certain performance aspects, including; the potential for wafer sticking, better die coverage, wafer chipping and improved utilisation. The origins of these issues have been investigated and as a result, nine product improvements have been designed to address these effects. Rings are made from selected stainless steel or titanium, and can be supplied as a kit, together with matching "lift hoop".

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Showerhead / GDP

Hole Engineering, as our engineers call the processes by which these GDP products have been developed. This work has led to a deeper understanding of the performance characteristics. Key attributes for the production of these parts include: selection of base material for the intended application and needed anodisation performance, control of through-hole profile, for optimum gas flow, adjustment of hole chamfer for gas out-flow and anodisation coverage; and optimisation of the anodisation process. Showerheads and GDP are available for a wide variety of equipments.

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Welded Metal Bellows

Issues involving vibration, heat-expansion and cryogenic applications are significantly reduced or eliminated  with the use of metal bellow solutions. Our key supplier has the ability to manufacture a broad range of high quality components and fittings for all applications. We can supply according to OEM equivalent part number for leading OEM equipment types. Or we can supply to customer specific applications.

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150mm / 200mm / 300mm generic parts

Through our network of partners and suppliers, we have the possibility to supply a wide range of second-sourced metallic parts for equipments originally manufactured by many of the principle oem's. Our product portfolio covers PVD, CVD, etch and implantation equipment. More over, our portfolio has been extended during recent months to include parts for 300mm equipment. Please call or email us to for more details.

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Refurbished Chamber Components

Internal chambers coatings erode continuously during processing and pm routines. Over time, the increased exposure to aluminum will increase device defectivity. Our Principal has developed  many refurbishment techniques to restore out-of-service parts and components to their as-new condition. Anodization and precision masking technology has successfully been developed and is now routinely applied to the refurbishment of chambers and chamber lids for equipment such as P5000 and DPS systems, as well as cathodes and other major parts. With very low cost, customers can sustain their yield beyond a chamberís normal life. Specification for break down, coating thickness and roughness meet or exceed the OEMís. In addition, new processes have been developed to extend component lifetime. Apart from cost-of-ownership advantages, refurbishment can also have advantages for recycling budgets. 

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